French in Chennai
French in Chennai

Why French? The answer to that is simple. An estimated 220 million people in 29 French speaking countries speak French. And so can you. You can learn French for several different reasons. These include simply broadening your horizons & enhancing your CV, preparing to study/work in France, or travelling as a tourist. Or maybe you just want to impress your friends and family by learning how to pronounce the names of French dishes, desserts, wines and cheeses. Whatever your reason, French in Chennai has a course created just for you.

We are based in Chennai, situated on the East Coast of India. Chennai is about 150 miles away from the former French colony of Pondicherry, where even today, a majority of the population speak French. Chennai is a dynamic city with a high standard of living and this has spurred the establishment of French automobiles, pneumatics, glass, IT, telecommunications, and HVAC companies.  This has led to a demand for French language services in the city.

Who needs to learn French?

Corporate employees in firms incorporated in France and other French speaking countries as well as employees in firms that do business in French speaking countries

Individuals going to work in France and other French speaking countries as well as students seeking to pursue higher education in French universities

Students for school, and homemakers seeking to pick up a new language at their own convenience

Hospitality professionals who need a robust understanding of French wines and cuisine in order to better service their domestic and international clientele.

How do we teach French? Our unique five step approach;

1)    Meet and analyze your objectives for learning French

2)    Create a course with bespoke content based on your unique requirements

3)    Create a schedule of fixed hours and frequency of classes around your availability and schedule

4)    Measure your progress through regular assignments and tests

5)    Take your feedback during and after the course in order to give you the best value for your time and dedication.

Where and when do we teach French?

  • Corporate Offices
  • At your home
  • At other locations based on individual requirements

Un….deux….trois….Allez….let’s begin…..


French in Chennai

Kiran Jaikishen

Kiran Jaikishen is a professor of the French language with over 15 years of teaching experience. She is proficient in academic, general and business French and has curated and customized an extensive range of bespoke courses. She has qualified to the highest level of certifications from the Alliance Francaise of Madras.

She has also specialized in advanced French teaching methods at the Alliance Francaise in Paris, France which allows her to create an enhanced learning experience, using multi media for an interactive learning.

She has specialized in corporate French language training and has conducted classes in various companies like Renault, Michelin, Lennox, Syntel, and Fives Engineering among others .She brings extensive experience backed with technology to help you achieve your objectives in learning French.

Kiran works with a team of highly qualified professionals to support her based on client requirements.

Specific client testimonials are available on request.


French in Chennai offers customized classes based on individual or group goals and outcomes. The study sessions are based only on the academic goals of the students as set by state and national school boards. We ensure that the level of French is raised to exceed the outcomes expected by existing academic curriculum. Standard duration for customized student courses is between 80 and 160 hours.

Corporates mandate French language training to meet a variety of objectives. These include

  1. Short term visits to France or French speaking countries for training and project work.
  2. Ability to communicate and interact effectively with French speaking clients
  3. Ability for local resources to communicate with local and expat colleagues
  4. General skill development of employees  by learning a new language

Duration of corporate classes is between 50 to 100 hours and will be conducted on campus, during work hours for the benefit of the employees

Courses are designed, customized and imparted to assist French language students appear for international French certification exams in India. This course is designed to address the different levels of certifications administered by the CIEP while ensuring excellence in the listening, speaking comprehension and written sections of the examinations.  Content for this course will be based on level of certification with course duration starting at 120 hours.

French in Chennai offers customized courses to enable both individuals and groups, to learn the French language and appreciate French culture, tourism, cuisine and the arts.  The course will help you shop, ask for directions, know your wines and cheeses, and learn to pronounce the famous French dishes and desserts  enabling you to immerse yourself in a whole new world. The duration of this course is between 30 and 40 hours based on proficiency required.

This course is exclusively designed for individuals with a working knowledge of the French language who want to keep in touch with the language while improving their French speaking skills .This course is designed to hone skills in listening, speaking, writing and comprehension. The duration of this course starts at 40 hours.

This course is designed for individuals relocating to France for a short to mid-term duration in order to pursue higher studies or work. It enables students to manage day to day situations and interactions in France and other French speaking countries. The duration of this course is between 80 to 100 hours, with an option for intensive training also available.

Our Translation Cell has the capability to translate French and Mandarin to English and vice versa for a complex range of business documents which include but are not limited to technical proposals, legal documents and PowerPoint presentations. French in Chennai brings its unique multi layered quality process of oversight to ensure that the target document reflects 100 percent accuracy. We guarantee a delivery of our translation services ahead of the agreed upon turnaround time.

Interpreters are available for business meetings and leisure visits to France and French speaking countries. Advance notice for the same needs to be provided given the demand for these services.

Cross cultural trainers are available in our team to help European nationals as well as those from French speaking countries adapt to Indian business culture and vice versa. These training sessions are tailored for corporates employees and CXO level executives. French in Chennai executives has many years of multi- cultural experience with Fortune 500 clients.

French in Chennai
French in Chennai


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